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Fusion’s Raptor Live on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)


October 4, 2012

India (October 4, 2012) – Raptor is now live with high volume order flow on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE). Fusion Systems, a leading provider of Ultra-Low-Latency (ULL) Direct Market Access (DMA) solutions, extends Raptor’s live multi-market coverage to seven major Asia venues, providing ULL market connectivity for both sell-side and buy-side firms.


The implementation of Raptor on the NSE follows previous go-lives on Japan’s TSE Arrowhead/OSE J-Gate, SBI JapanNext, Chi-X Japan, HKSE and Indonesia IDX. Raptor provides sell-side firms with FIX/OUCH to market-native DMA for all major Asia-Pacific equities and derivatives exchanges and alternative venues. Fusion Systems has rapidly expanding operations within key Asia financial districts, boasting local business development and implementation teams in addition to a 24/7 tri-lingual helpdesk.


Huw Rogers, a senior partner at Fusion Systems and chief architect of Raptor, commented “Raptor can be integrated with a SPAN risk calculator server for portfolio margin risk management. The SPAN calculator is an additional product we are providing together with Raptor. Generally, for our NSE derivatives customers, they require three things: 1) Raptor 2) SPAN calculator 3) Low latency market data feed. We can provide all three within a single proposal and implementation that provides a total solution for our clients to trade effectively on the market”.


Across venues in Asia, Raptor maintains one of the lowest published latencies in the market. Raptor’s software platform achieves a median latency of 49 microseconds in production while sustaining order rates of 10,000 TPS with all pre-trade risk filters embedded, while our newly released FPGA hardware platforms delivers latencies down to 1.5 microseconds at extreme TPS rates.

Press Release also published via bobsguide here

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