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In 2005 our customers approached us for a new type of trading and risk system. At that time the most valuable trading flows were increasingly low-touch, latency-sensitive and co-located. APAC, far more than EMEA and NA, presents global firms with a complex and diverse landscape of trading risk concerns, compliance requirements and idiosyncratic market interfaces.

Surveying available solutions, it became clear that none of the incumbent suppliers of APAC market access systems had overhauled their trading platforms since the late 90s. A new type of system was required, and Raptor was born.


We build platforms for onboarding highest-value order flows and meeting global compliance demands

We’re focused on creating the world’s fastest, most resilient, and scalable solutions for onboarding highest value-order flows to Asia-Pacific exchanges, a solution that seamlessly integrates with upstream and downstream systems. To achieve this, we build platforms for normalized client and market connectivity and comprehensive risk control, providing a global view of real-time exchange connectivity and risk.

Mission-Driven Engineering

At our offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo and around the world we have multi-lingual teams that combine practical expertise in financial and capital markets, mission-critical systems, and innovative fintech infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our ability to prioritize quality, professionalism and rapid response, and accomodate evolving requirements and circumstances with our proprietary methodology: Adaptive Project Execution. All of our consultants combine an uncompromising engineering mindset with a steadfast focus on executing in service of our customers and the overall mission.


Organizations around the world rely on Raptor Financial Technologies

With Raptor Financial Technologies, investment banks and proprietary trading firms uphold their reputation as leaders in customer relations, reacting quickly to service their clients' connectivity and trading demands.


We are striving to build a future in which investment banks and proprietary trading firms can bridge the gap between global vision and the local realities of trading technology provisioning – to maximise value to customers and responsively embrace business and market opportunities, resulting in strategic and mission success.

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