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Reduce CAPEX, increase service level, consolidate vendors and maintain simpler commercials


Managed Service Layers

Managed Service layers covering Business Operations, Application Support, Operating System, Device, Network and Data Center services

Business Operation Services


Outsourced operational services that reduce cost while maintaining industry-leading service levels

  • Client onboarding

  • Market onboarding

  • Daily ready-for-business and end-of-day checks

  • Configuration and reference data integrity checking

  • Real-time monitoring of client/market connectivity

  • Trading and market data and downstream connectivity


Application Support Services


Proven consulting services from leaders in trading technology consulting

  • Application maintenance

  • Application performance tuning

  • Application customization

  • Project planning and management


Application Infrastructure Services


Seasoned DBA and Application Server expertise that our customers can rely on


  • Application server administration

  • Database administration


Operating System Services


Dedicated servers supported by world-class system administrators

  • O.S. deployment

  • Server monitoring and maintenance

  • Information security services

  • System administration


Device Services


Top-of-the-line equipment rented at a convenient monthly cost

  • Server equipment rental

  • Storage array network rental

  • Network equipment rental

  • Equipment deployment and relocation

  • Device monitoring and alerting

  • Break/fix and parts replacement

  • Equipment disposal


Network Services


Dedicated high-performance network equipment supported by certified engineers


  • Network maintenance

  • Network monitoring and alerting

  • Network design and implementation


Data Center Services


Rack space in world-class facilities with the lowest latency market access


  • Co-location rack space

  • Proximity rack space

  • Cabling

  • Environment monitoring

  • Colocation management

  • Power

Staying Ahead with the Latest Technology

We are forward thinking, and have visibility in to the latest technology and market interfaces. We proactively consult with our customers to make the best choices, take advantage of product developments, and plan accordingly. 

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