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C++ Developer

Tokyo, Hong Kong

Raptor Financial Technologies is seeking C++ developers to join our growing financial application development team. Ideal candidates should have solid experience developing applications using modern C++, threads, templates, system and network programming APIs on Linux and/or Windows platforms.

The successful candidate will benefit from on-the-job training and participation in a highly motivated team that is:

  • Developing high-performance real-time financial trading applications

  • Implementing and upgrading market connectivity, algorithmic trading, risk management and market data systems for leading participants in the global financial market 

  • Designing and implementing innovative software solutions to address emerging requirements at the forefront of the evolution of trading technology



  • Strong computer science fundamentals (functional vs procedural, algorithms, data structures, computational complexity, etc.)

  • Mastery of modern C++ (C++17 and later) software development, including key techniques such as SFINAE and key features such as move operators and lambdas

  • Solid understanding of software development methods and lifecycle

  • Advanced software testing and debugging techniques, including being completely comfortable and familiar with the use of key tools such as gdb, valgrind, windbg, etc.

  • Excellent organizational and communication skills, including competent verbal and written communication in English

  • Enthusiasm for solving challenging problems

  • Enjoy working in a high-energy, dynamic environment

Employment Location

Full-time positions are currently available in Tokyo and Hong Kong. 

For more information on working at Raptor Financial Technologies, visit our careers page at and contact us at

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