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Directly connect to Asia-Pacific venues (FIX + Native) with ultra-low-latency, while complying with all trading risk requirements.


Command & Control

Raptor's command and control app - Flux - enables electronic trading desks, risk managers and network operators to perform order management interventions, risk control, connectivity and alert management and network system health monitoring. Flux is an integrated app that can manage multiple venues, clients and accounts. Flux’s intuitive navigation and search features allow operators to rapidly and precisely drill down to data they need in just a few clicks.

Flux provides:

  • Real-time systems performance monitoring 

  • Mass cancel – system wide or client specific

  • Bring up/down client or exchange sessions in real-time

  • Update risk limits and balances intraday

  • Pushed alerts, with easy drill-down navigation

  • Integrated latency reporting and monitoring 

  • Powerful real-time order and trade blotters

  • Fine grained access control / role based visibility




  • Provides a global view of all trading activities

  • Allows precise control over multiple levels of internal and client market risk

  • Helps enable improved account and market risk management

  • Provides unified management interface

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