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Fusion Systems’ Raptor goes live on Australia venues with leading global sell-side firms


June 11, 2015

Sydney, Australia. (June 11, 2015) – Fusion Systems announced that Raptor, a leading ultra-low-latency market gateway and pre-at-post-trade risk management solution, is live with high volume order flow on ASX Trade, ASX Trade24 and Chi-X Australia venues. Raptor provides brokerages and proprietary desks with FIX/OUCH and market-native direct market access and comprehensive risk management for all major Asia-Pacific cash and derivatives exchanges, including alternative venues. Fusion’s software solution, Raptor, maintains one of the lowest contractually committed latencies in the market, achieving a median latency of 50 microseconds in production while sustaining an order rate of 10,000 TPS with pre-trade risk and compliance checks embedded.

Huw Rogers, partner at Fusion Systems and chief architect of Raptor, commented, ”We are pleased to offer our clients full product coverage of the Australia markets. In today’s trading marketplace, where increasingly diverse and widespread regulations are imposed, there is a continued focus on risk management, specifically on pre-trade risk controls. Additionally, lower latency continues to be important to trading strategies, especially when algorithmic and program trading methodologies are fundamental to customers’ business. Raptor, along with our hardware-accelerated offerings, help member firms meet full pre-trade risk management compliance while minimising latency.”

Raptor feature set and risk management capabilities include:

  • Cumulative portfolio risk filters

  • Margin collateral management

  • Stock and loan inventory management

  • Order state management

  • Short-sell risk filters

  • Self crossing control

  • Moving average price check

  • Investor ID support

  • Advanced order types (pegging, etc.)

  • Algo order support

  • Drop copy

  • Real-time monitoring and control via Flux

  • Failover and full recoverability with no single point of failure

  • Notifications via e-mail for risk limit breaches and warning levels


Raptor Flux for Monitoring and Control:

Flux is a real-time command and control front-end for electronic trading desks and operational support, enabling monitoring and control, including real-time latency, flow rates, network and system health monitoring.


Flux provides:

  • Integrated latency reporting and monitoring

  • Mass cancel – system wide or client specific

  • Bring up/down client or exchange sessions in real-time

  • Update risk limits and balances intraday

  • Alert support privilege – such a user can only view the alerts

  • Pushed alerts, with easy drill-down navigation

  • Role based visibility



  • Provides a global view of all trading activities

  • Allows precise control over multiple levels of internal and client market risk

  • Helps enable improved account and market risk management

  • Provides unified management interface


About Fusion Systems:


The Fusion Systems Group provides integrated technology solutions to organizations in several industries, specifically Capital Markets. We specialize in time-sensitive and mission-critical solutions. Our offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai and Los Angeles are located in the heart of central business districts. We maintain comprehensive technology infrastructure supporting software development teams and server-room hosting facilities at all sites. The Fusion Systems’ offices are staffed with seasoned developers, infrastructure engineers and support staff pre-positioned for rapid deployment to nearby customers.


While we often orchestrate successful outcomes for our clients by managing other vendors, we do not internally outsource or offshore development or systems support to other organizations. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with premium service levels of professionalism and responsiveness combined with full transparency and local accountability.

Press Release also published via bobsguide here

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