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Reduce CAPEX, increase service level, consolidate vendors and maintain simpler commercials

Industry Best Practices

We understand that our solutions are mission-critical to our customers' business and ongoing success. We provide our customers with the highest level of service and support, using industry leading best practices.


ITIL Industry Standards

  • Incident management

  • Problem management

  • Change management

  • Monitoring


Raptor Proprietary Standards

  • Ticketing portal (client visible) - real-time management and reporting of all activity, providing full transparency

  • Change Control Management System - end-to-end change management that includes customer sign-off

  • Real-time reporting of system performance and operations

  • Independent governance and formal oversight to ensure operational excellence

    • Ongoing cross-departmental training - enabling a company-wide holistic view of systems, policies and procedures

    • Incident Management Readiness Program - rehearsed with customers to ensure that all policies, procedures are met and that all parties respond responsively within the SLA

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